STAAH Channel Manager uses two way xml connections to the world's leading booking websites and to manage room inventory and rates from a central application.

What is the benefit to you as an Accommodation provider?

  • STAAH Channel Manager connects to the world's major online travel agents such as Booking.com, Expedia, Wotif.com, Agoda and others. (See our list of channel partners). This means that you have a SINGLE ACCESS POINT. You need to load your rates and availability in STAAH and it will be pushed out to any and all channels that you are listed on. This eliminates manual, time consuming manipulation and management of each individual booking site. It allows you more time to do what you do best - Look after your guests!
  • STAAH Channel Manager will update all booking sites with every available room. You do not need to split and distribute your inventory because our real-time updates ensure that when a booking is made the inventory is adjusted and immediately pushed out to all other channels.
  • STAAH Channel Manager allows you to sell your rooms on different Rate Plans at different prices. You are able to maximize the value of every room and give your bookers a choice of options when they stay with you. This results in more revenue, better yield and provides vital cost efficiencies.
The significant features of STAAH Channel Manager
  • Simple and User Friendly
  • Immediate re-distribution and real time update of unsold rooms
  • Integration to Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Integration to Hotel Booking Engines
  • Booking Reports / Channel Segmentation
  • Micro-Management - Grid View
  • Macro-Management - Bulk Updates through Wizard
  • Integration to STAAH Revenue Management Tools like STAAH MAX and Master Rates
Here's a short video on How the STAAH Channel Manager can help you!