Promo code surcharge

New feature for ConvertDirect booking engine

What’s new?

Properties with our ConvertDirect booking engine now have the option to use promo codes to apply a surcharge. This is in addition to using a promo code to apply a discount.


As requested by a number of our property partners, we are adding this option for situations such as when special credit has been extended or additional services are included.


This feature was released on Tuesday 16 August 2016. 


To add, edit or remove a promo code surcharge, login to your STAAH extranet and follow these steps:


Hover on ‘ConvertDirect’ in the primary menu.


Click on ‘Promo Codes’ in the drop-down menu.


Click ‘Edit’ or ‘Add’.


In the ‘Type’ drop-down menu, select ‘Surcharge’.


Select either ‘%’ or ‘$’ and enter the relevant value.

If you’re adding a new promo code, don’t forget to fill-in the other fields.

For example:

- For 10% discount: select discount > % > enter '10'

- For 10% surcharge: select surcharge > % > enter '10'

- For $10 discount: select discount > $ > enter '10'

- For $10 surcharge: select surcharge > $ > enter '10'


Click ‘Save’.


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