Optional feature for Instant and Max Channel Manager

What is RateSTalk?

RateSTalk is an easy-to-use competitor rate checker, available as an add-on for properties using our Instant or Max Channel Manager. 

You pick your five top competitors and RateSTalk will show you their rates for any seven day period. Comparison data are presented in a simple table and interactive graph.

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To enable the RateSTalk competitor rate checker in your channel manager...


Fill-in our registration form, including the names of the five competitors you would like RateSTalk to check.


Keep yourself busy whilst we set it up for you! We'll send you an email as soon as it's ready.

Setup is usually complete in less than 1 working day.


Login to your extranet and click on ‘RateSTalk’ in the primary menu. 


Select any future date and click ‘View’. 

RateSTalk will show you rates for your chosen competitors for the next seven days.


You can also ‘Refresh Rates’ and ‘Export to Excel’ with a click, using the buttons at the top of the screen

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