Booked details in Availability module

New feature for Instant Channel Manager

What’s new

Properties can now see how many rooms are booked each night and access booking details directly from the Availability module in Instant Channel Manager.


To view the number and details of bookings, follow these steps when logged into your extranet:


Click on ‘Availability’ icon in the header, or click ‘Availability’ in the secondary menu within Instant Channel Manager.


Click ‘Booked’ in the ‘Inventory Grid’. The number of bookings on each night will appear directly below availability.


Click on the ‘booked’ number to view a summary of all bookings on that date.


Click ‘View’ to access full details of an individual booking.

Please note: the number of bookings may be higher than arrivals if a guest or guests are staying for more than one night.


This update was released on 12 November 2016. 

Need more help?

Please email or call your local office.


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