Last minute deals

New feature for Instant Channel Manager

What's new? 

This new feature allows properties to apply discounts for bookings made on the same day as guest arrival or within a set number of days of arrival. It can also be used to apply surcharges in the same way.

‘Last minute deals’ are set by rate plan and apply to both ConvertDirect Booking Engine and any connected distribution channels (OTAs).

‘Set and forget’ - once a last minute deals has been setup it will continue to be applied automatically until it is disabled.

Please note: last minute deals cannot be used in conjunction with ‘advance purchase’ days.


Many properties like to promote last minute offers to attract short-notice bookings and help fill otherwise empty rooms. This new feature makes it quick and easy for properties to do so.


This feature will be released on Tuesday 6 September 2016.


To create or edit a last minute deal for your property, login to your STAAH extranet and follow these steps: 


Hover on the settings (cog) icon in the top right hand corner.


Select ‘Rate Plans’ in the drop-down menu.


Click ‘Edit’ on the relevant rate plan.


On the right hand side of the window, select ‘Last minute’.

Please note: 'last minute' cannot be selected if 'advance purchase' is already enabled. In order to select 'last minute', de-select 'advance purchase' and click 'Save'. You will then be able select 'last minute' and continue...


Enter the number of days before arrival that you would like the ‘last minute’ deal to apply for.


Enter the multiplier and/or fixed value you would like to apply.

For example, to apply a 20% discount, enter 0.8 in the multiplier box (‘x’ on the left).

To apply a $10 discount, enter -10 in the fixed value box (‘+/-‘ on the right).


Click ‘Save’.


All last minute deals will be shown in the ‘Rates’ area (‘Master Rate’, ‘Rate Plans’, ‘Channels’ views) in the Instant Channel Manager module in your STAAH extranet.


For further information on Instant Channel Manager, follow the links below:

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