PMS read-only data

PMS read-only data

New process for Instant Channel Manager

What's new? 

If your PMS sends rates data to STAAH, your rates will now be ‘read only’ and cannot be edited in your channel manager - this is the standard default setting and can be changed on request. If your PMS does not send rates data to STAAH, you can continue to edit your rates in your channel manager as normal.

‘Read only’ mode can also be enabled/disabled on request for rates and restrictions in STAAH.


This change has been made in order to prevent data discrepancies, which can occur if a property changes rates values in STAAH whilst the PMS is also sending that data to STAAH.

By making data sent by the PMS read-only in STAAH, the data can only be managed in one place and so the likelihood of discrepancies is significantly reduced.


This update was released on 30 June 2016.


If you would like read-only mode to be enabled or disabled for your inventory, rates and restrictions, please contact STAAH support.


‘Read only’ data will be displayed as follows:

Read only data 

Whereas editable data can be selected and new values entered:

Editable data can be selected and new values entered 


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