Drive more direct bookings, save OTA commissions. Transform your website visitors into guests

Sell more rooms by up to 20%

Multiple options in rate plans to select and compare

Boost your RevPAR and ADR with exciting daily deals and packages, like - late check-out, breakfast, extended stays, and upgrades.

Upselling, offers and more…

Attract more guests with seasonal discounts and promotional offers. Drive additional revenue with promocodes and add-ons.

Increase conversions through your website

Boost your bookings with a smart widget that displays live rates from 5 different channels, visible to all, helping you boost your bottomline.

A seamless and secured booking experience designed for optimal conversions

Mobile friendly

Online booking is now at your fingertips, book from any device in a simple 3-step booking process.


Enable users to book for multiple dates and nights, and simplify multi-property bookings for group hotels and chains.

Customized to your brand

Enhance guest satisfaction with a seamless, personalized online booking system that reflects your brand.

Instant & Secure payments with multiple options

Integrated with 50+ Payment Gateways globally

Advanced Booking system integrated with 50+ global and regional payment gateways worldwide.

PCI DSS Compliant

Process transactions efficiently with a peace of mind, ensuring protection of guest data.

Eliminate errors

Avoid errors and save valuable time of your front desk staff and guests, ensuring accuracy in transactions.

Boost your revenue and generate more direct bookings with the STAAH Booking Engine


Make informed decisions with robust reporting and advanced tracking integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Dynamic pricing

Maximize your chances of getting a better price for your rooms with dynamic pricing, seizing every opportunity.

Automated emails for guests, easily customizable to fit your needs

Streamline guest communication with instant, customized emails for reservations, policies, rules and more.

An advanced Integrated Platform

Creating a technology stack will prove to be a nightmare for your teams. Avoid costly tech integration hassles. STAAH connects with top hospitality tech providers for seamless, automated and smooter occupancy management.

Integrates with major conversion drivers across the world.

Seamlessly integrates with the STAAH Channel Manager.

The STAAH network includes multiple PMS partners.

Secure and Instant Payment Gateways worldwide.

Key Features


Commission Free Booking Engine
A powerful tool for your property to drive more direct bookings and increase revenue. Save OTA commissions, reduce cost of distribution and increase profitability.

3 step Booking Process
Book your stay hassle-free in just 3 simple steps. The user-friendly interface ensures you find the perfect room at the best rate with zero commissions means more earnings for you.

Mobile responsive
Elevate the guest satisfaction and enhance your property’s image with a mobile-friendly booking process. Enjoy a seamless hassle-free responsive experience for all your guests.

Compatible with Most websites
A versatile tool that can be easily installed on all of the property websites, making it a seamless and hassle-free experience for both accommodation provider and the guests.

Language & Currency Converter
Guests from all around the world can book with ease ensuring that you can attract guests from a wider range of countries and improve your global reach.

Customized to match your website and brand
Fully customized to match your hotel website and brand, ensuring standardization with respect to colors and fonts to images, language, everything can be tailored to your specific needs.

Room View
Showcase your rates in Package or Room view. Allow the guests to choose their preferred display, opt for the view that suits your property and resonates with your target audience.

Inventory & Rate Management

Promotional Packages & Promo Codes
You can create promotional packages and promo codes to attract guests and boost bookings. You can link these promo codes to specific packages or room rates, offering discounts or value-adds such as complimentary breakfast, spa treatments, or tours. You can also create time-bound promotions to generate urgency and drive bookings. These promotions can be sold both online and in-person, giving you the flexibility to promote your property through various channels.

Create promo codes and link them to packages for promotional purposes either to sell online or in person.

Occupancy Base Pricing
STAAH booking engine allows you to set your rates based on occupancy of room types or per room pricing. With occupancy-based pricing, you can set different rates for the same room type based on the number of guests staying in the room. For example, you can set a different rate for a room with two guests compared to a room with three guests. Alternatively, you can opt for per room pricing, where you set a fixed rate for each room type, regardless of the number of guests. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your pricing strategy to suit your business needs and maximize revenue.

Choose to set your rates for the website either by per room pricing or by Occupancy of the room type.

Stop Sell – Specific Package
This feature provides you with greater control over your inventory and helps you make more informed decisions about when and how to sell specific packages. Have the flexibility of closing out a specific package when required by applying a stop sell

Structured Cancellation Policies
By setting structured cancellation policies, you can provide clarity to your guests on the terms of their bookings and avoid any confusion or disputes. This feature helps you reduce the risk of cancellations, no-shows, and revenue loss, and provides greater control over your inventory.

Value Add-ons
STAAH booking engine lets you create Value Add-ons, additional services or products that guests can purchase with their room reservation to create more revenue.

Add-ons can range from simple services like breakfast to complex ones like airport transfers or tours. Offering Value Add-ons can lead to greater guest satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increased revenue potential.

Smart Pricing
STAAH booking engine offers Smart Pricing, a feature that allows you to create promotions and incentives to encourage direct bookings through the booking engine. Smart Pricing promotions can be customized based on various criteria such as multi-night stays, advance purchase, region, mobile bookings, and more. By offering exclusive discounts and promotions to guests who book directly through your website, you can improve your booking conversion rates and reduce your reliance on third-party channels.

Create promotions for your direct bookings to help direct more reservations through the booking engine. Smart Pricings can be set for multi nights, advance purchase, region, mobile booker etc


Tracking – Google
You can easily track your website traffic and conversion rates by integrating Google tracking codes. This allows you to monitor your advertising campaigns, analyze visitor behavior, and optimize your marketing strategies for better results.

Funnel Analytics
Funnel analytics help you track your guests’ journey from searching for a room to completing the booking process. With this feature, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your booking process to increase conversions./

Detailed Reporting
You can access detailed reports on your bookings, revenue and much more. These reports help you analyze your performance and make informed decisions to increase your hotel’s profitability.

Group Booking Engine

Secure Payment / Multi Payment Gateway

STAAH’s Booking engine offers a secure payment system with multiple payment gateway options. Guests can choose to pay now or pay later, and for non-refundable packages, only a prepay/pay now option is available. The engine connects to various payment gateways, allowing guests to choose their preferred option. This feature provides a hassle-free and secure payment experience, improving guest satisfaction and streamlining operations for hotel owners.

Once the STAAH Booking engine is connected to a Payment gateway you can choose to give the guest an option to either Pay Now or Pay Later and for the non refundable packages only a prepay/Pay Now option can be enabled.

The Booking Engine also allows users to connect to various payment gateways all at the same time, which provides the guests with options to choose their preferred payment gateway.

Multi Property Booking Engine
STAAH’s Multi-Property Booking Engine allows guests to book rooms at various locations within a hotel group without leaving the website. This feature provides a seamless and convenient booking experience with the option to select a specific hotel or location. The engine displays all available hotels for the selected location, increasing bookings and streamlining operations for group hotels.

Integrated with over 50+ Payment Gateways, the STAAH Booking Engine is connected to over 50 payment gateways, allowing you to easily process secure online payments from your guests across the globe.


The WatchMyRate widget is an innovative tool that displays live rates from five different channels to all visitors on your website. This helps to drive direct bookings and maximize revenue for your property. With real-time rate updates, guests can see the best available rates and make a booking direct with confidence. The WatchMyRate widget is customizable to match your website’s look and feel, and is easy to install with minimal technical expertise required.

Get Google
STAAH integration with Google provides accommodation providers the ability to push real-time rates and availability on Google Search, allowing them to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. By appearing prominently in Google search results, hotels can attract more potential guests and increase their revenue.

URL Masking
URL masking is a feature that allows you to customize the appearance of the booking engine URL on your website, making it look like it’s part of your website’s domain. This not only enhances the user experience but also provides a professional and trustworthy look to your website.

Travel Agent & Corporate Travel (TACT)
The Travel Agent & Corporate Travel (TACT) module simplifies the booking process for properties, automating corporate and travel agent reservations through a dedicated dashboard. With TACT, properties can align future booking opportunities from travel agents and corporate bookers while eliminating manual processes, saving time and effort.

Day Use Rooms
Day Use Rooms allows hoteliers to optimize their room inventory and generate additional revenue during off-peak hours when rooms may otherwise remain vacant. Hotels can cater to a broader customer base seeking flexible and convenient accommodation options beyond traditional overnight stays with this feature.


Secure payment processing
Secure Payment processing in your distribution system, generating safety payment links, covering accommodation and booked services. The feature is accessible to integrated Payment Gateway users.

Credit card retrieval
Secure your payments, adhering to PCI DSS Compliance and SCA guidelines. It securely retrieves credit card details from OTAs and provides access through the channel manager 24 hours after the guest departure.

Connected to over 50+ Payment Gateways
Stay connected to over 50 payment gateways, allowing you to easily process secure online payments from various sources.

PCI DSS complaint
The advanced Channel Manager is PCI DSS compliant, ensuring that all payment processing is secure and meets international standards for data security.


Channel Insights
Channel Insights offers detailed performance data across booking channels. Track bookings, revenue, and lead time by channel to pinpoint strengths and areas for enhancement. Make informed decisions for optimized distribution and revenue growth.

Property overview dashboard
The Insights feature in the system provides a comprehensive Property Overview dashboard that allows easy tracking and enables you to analyze your performance across different channels and periods.

Exceptional Customer Support

Onboarding support
The Partner Service Team assists with onboarding, guiding account setup, channel connection, and configuration. They offer training and ongoing support for maximizing platform benefits.

After Sales Support
Obtain after-sales support through various channels, including telephone, email, and chat, to assist customers with any queries or issues they may have after onboarding.

Training to New Management
Get quality training to new property management systems for effective use of the Channel Manager and optimize distribution. The aim is to boost confidence in using the platform and maximize business potential.


Rate Comparison Widget

Boost your bookings with WatchMyRate, a widget that displays live rates from five popular channels for all website visitors.

Choose any five channels based on your target audience and property

Seamless integration with the booking engine

Displays lowest rate of your website and other websites, for a selected date

Get Google

Make the most out of Free Google Hotel listing and drive more visibility.

The STAAH Get Google feature is fully integrated with the Max Booking Engine. Leverage the power of meta search engines with the STAAH-Google integration that allows the accommodation providers to push rates and availability in real-time on Google Search, so they could drive greater visibility and maximise their reach.

Live update of
rates to Google

Drive more

more guests

Commission Savings Calculator

Are you paying high OTA Commissions?

Calculate your savings now using our Commission Savings Calculator. A successful distribution strategy is to get the sweet balance between Direct and OTA bookings by focusing on driving up the former yet leveraging the reach of the latter. Our Max Booking Engine will help you drive commission free direct bookings and increase profitability.

STAAH Hospitality Platform

Extend your revenue capability and enhance guest experience with these remarkable products from the STAAH platform


Build a smart, engaging website to dive more guests and increase bookings




Efficiently manage your online reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews, building a positive brand image & attracting more guests.



Channel Manager

Manage and optimise your rates and availability seamlessly across 200+ channels worldwide

Channel Manager



A feature-rich and powerful gift voucher solution for smarter guest acquisition and generate instant revenue



Global Distribution System (GDS)

Gain access to over 600,000 travel agents and corporations across the globe

Global Distribution System (GDS)


Partner Stories and Experiences


A booking engine is an online widget that plugs into your existing website, enabling guests to make secure bookings. The booking is passed to your PMS and channel manager via a seamless, real-time integration to ensure all channels (direct and other online) have current rates and availability.
A booking engine tool must share information with three critical systems: your channel manager, payments processor, and property management system. Channel manager integrations work with a booking engine to provide a one-stop revenue management platform.
The STAAH booking engine is available for use at a competitive monthly subscription fee. No additional fee is required per booking to use the STAAH booking engine.
Yes. In fact, STAAH is one of the few booking engines crafted to meet the specific needs of groups, including multi-property rates, booking journey and more.
As per Google and Meta Guidelines, cancellation policies are mandatory to add. Coming out of Covid a flexible cancellation policy is highly recommended.

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