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STAAH is PCI DSS Certified

We’re not just PCI DSS Compliant. We are Certified.

What's the Difference between Compliant & Certified?

PCI compliance means a company has taken steps to help protect Card Holder Data (CHD) following the guidelines set by the PCI Council. Whereas PCI certification is a rigorous and comprehensive process that involves a full-scale audit by a qualified security assessor (QSA).

What Does PCI Certification Involve?

During a PCI certification audit, the QSA validates all areas of the business that come in contact with CHD to ensure proper controls and security measures are in place to protect the customer.

This includes:

  • How the software is developed;
  • The process by which developers are trained;
  • Technical and procedural controls; and
  • A full review and validation of all PCI controls.

all of which takes up to six months to complete. In short, PCI certification is proof, whereas compliance is a claim.

What Does PCI Certification Mean for My Business?

STAAH being fully PCI certified means that:

  • Your guests can book with confidence knowing that their card data is secure;
  • You can have complete peace of mind to trade using our technology; and
  • Banks are more likely to issue merchant facilities to your property.

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